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Infection Prevention Learning Institute

Infection Prevention Learning Institute (IPLI) addresses a much-needed solution in healthcare – contractor/vendor education and compliance. IPLI provides a single, customized educational program that covers all three (3) of the basic training needs related to hospital contractors and vendors:

  • Facility COVID-19 Work Practice Guidelines
  • Infection Control Awareness Training
  • Facility Work Protocols

Visit IPLI’s website

Mold Control Program for Facility Manual

Want to save money on insurance or even just keep your insurance? Many building insurance companies offer discounts to facilities that have a Mold Control Program and training in place. Some insurance companies will not even renew building policies until you have a Mold Control Program in place. We have written them – let us write yours!

Additional benefits:

– Mold Program sets a protocol for what internal building maintenance crews can perform themselves
– Educates maintenance personnel on the health effects associated with mold exposure
– Provides a list of the necessary equipment to perform safe mold remediation on a small scale
– Provides necessary forms to maintain records concerning mold

Reasonable Care™ Program for Asbestos Manual

The Reasonable Care Program for Asbestos is a management program designed to protect facility managers and building owners from unnecessary legal action. Do you have a Corporate Asbestos Protocol? Do you have an Asbestos Corporate Policy? Has your staff been trained and is it documented? These are the questions that you will be faced with in a court room. We know because we helped the Pentagon win cases concerning asbestos. Call us and be prepared!

Refrigeration Compliance Program Manual

The EPA requires owners/operators of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment containing >50lbs of refrigerant to establish and maintain a refrigerant program. Fines can be up to $27,500 per day per violation. Let us write your program – we have done it for others, we can do it for you.

Spill Responder Awareness Training Program

Does your Security & Maintenance Department know how to initially respond to a spill incident? Spill Responder Training informs security and maintenance personnel on how to recognize potential hazards, create a safe area and prevent spills from entering drains, creeks or storm water sewers. This program is designed to stabilize the situation and provide awareness of potention hazards.

First Responder Training Manual

Wellington Environmental can prepare your facility’s First Responder Training manual – this is not an instruction on how to clean-up a spill, it establishes a company/corporate policy for what to do in the event a spill occurs and how to keep people safe, protect the air conveyance systems and prevent the spill from entering a waterway. This valuable document is normally used as a training platform for security, housekeeping and maintenance staffs. Have your housekeeping and maintenances staffs been included in your present training – expand it and provide a safer corporate environment.