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When protecting your home, you want to ensure your property is safe from all threats. But some dangers can easily be overlooked, like mold infestations. We understand, as homeowners; it is hard to detect and inspect potential mold growth. That is why at Wellington Environmental, we offer professional mold inspection and remediation services to help protect your home from the dangers of mold damage.

At Wellington Environmental, we have been helping many homeowners identify and eradicate mold growth in their properties. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can inspect all areas of your home, including those that are hard to access, and detect any signs of mold damage. We understand mold removal and remediation can be difficult and time-consuming.



Common Causes Of Mold

We understand that knowledge is key when it comes to identifying and eradicating mold. Some of the most common causes of mold are:

Leak From Windows And Doors

Leaks and drafts in windows and doors can introduce moisture into your home, creating conditions ideal for mold growth.

Moisture Buildup In From Concrete Foundation Or Walls

Moisture can accumulate from concrete and masonry foundations or walls, seizing moisture into your home. This moisture can create an ideal environment for mold to grow.

Sustained Relative Humidity Levels Of 60% Or Higher

High relative humidity levels, or RH, of 60% or higher can create optimal conditions for mold to grow and spread in your home.

Leaking Ice Maker Lines

Leaking ice maker lines can create a wet, damp environment in your home that is conducive to mold growth. Our mold testing and remediation services can help identify and eradicate the source of the moisture.

Damaged Pipes and Plumbing

Damaged pipes and plumbing can cause water to seep into your home, allowing mold spores to thrive. Our mold removal can help identify and repair these issues.

Our Quality Testing And Remediation Process

Residential mold treatment requires skill and expertise. At Wellington Environmental, we offer quality mold remediation services to help protect your home from the dangers of mold damage. Our process involves the following:

1. Air Testing 

We’ll use advanced technology to measure the air quality in your home and identify any potential sources of mold.

2. Remediation 

Once the source of the mold has been identified, our team of experts will use advanced techniques to remove and remediate the area.


Keep Your Family Safe With Wellington Environmental

Mold removal can be a difficult job. As a homeowner, smelling a bad odor when you enter a room or when the heating and air conditioning system kicks on can be stressful. But at Wellington Environmental, we are in the business of protecting your family from the effects of mold-related health problems and damage to your property.

If you decide to work with us, you will eliminate the risk of mold in your home and be free from any health issues that could arise. You will start enjoying a clean and safe home in no time. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is protected from potential threats.



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