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The job of a spray-applied fireproofing contractor is not an easy one.

The introduction of new building codes, the types of jobs being performed and the challenges of small, medium and tricky applications among other issues can leave a contractor with plenty of aggravation these days.

When it comes to commercial fire protection applications, working with construction products and systems, all have complicated qualifications regarding their use. Wellington Environmental has been a certified Carboline® installer of spray-applied fireproofing for two decades.

Coming from an environmental background and having installed over a million square feet of materials for hospitals, manufacturers and chemical companies, we understand the challenges that come with installing spray-applied fireproofing for small touch ups and even for tough hospital settings.

Looking for the best fireproofing services in St Louis, MO? Let our team handle it for you.

At Wellington Environmental, you can rely on professional fire safety services at competitive rates. 

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About Our Fireproofing Services: 

  • Can be used inside, no hoses on the outside
  • Quiet application, no noisy compressor outside
  • No air quality problems
  • Improves installation time
  • Reduced cost