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Wellington Environmental - White Paper

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Ambulatory Surgical Center

Are your ORs in compliance? Can you prove it?

ASC Operating Rooms (ORs) are governed by state requirements, national design standards (Facilities Guidelines Institute requirements). Medicare’s 2010 requirement, as well as CDC, AORN, APIC and ASHRAE.

Operating Rooms are specifically designed to provide a safe environment for patients, doctors and attending staff. However, OR conditions can change. And, non-compliance opens the facility and staff to legal action, accreditation issues, insurance cancellation and damaging public relations.

Data-based certification is your best defense

Our certification process provides the data you need to verify environmental conditions in critical care rooms:

    • – Compliance air exchange rates measured
    • – Critical room pressure verified
    • – Airborne dust measurements
    • – Fungi testing
    • – Air flow diagramming

And much more to provide you with peace of mind and the documentation you need.
Click the here to send an email to thom@environmentalcare.com for a free compliance proposal without obligation.

We identify problems, reduce risks and end surprises.

All we need are some basic facts from you to develop a cost proposal. With so much depending on your compliance with environmental requirements, can you afford to take chances? Regular compliance testing by Wellington Environmental will give you third party documentation that air standards are in compliance. Contact us to request your Free Compliance Proposal.

Operating Room Air Certification and Monitoring (Annual)

Operating Rooms and Surgical Procedure Rooms require annual testing to certify the air quality in the procedure theatre.  The Joint Commission recommends testing and certification as a way of reducing hospital acquired infections (HAI).  Wellington specializes in certifying the air in ORs – our testing includes an specialized array of tests  and providing the details and reports hospitals need to demonstrate the quality of the environment in each procedure room.  MRSA sampling is also conducted on random surfaces.  Many of the mid-west”s largest health care facilities and surgical centers understand how important this documentation is for benchmarking and liability purposes and have been using our service for many years.  Contact us if you would like additional information or a proposal – it is simple.  All we need is the number of rooms you need tested, your name, and the location of your facility – we will do the rest.

If you don’t think this is for you….think again, the data we provide can save lives, reduce costs and keep you out of court in some circumstances.  We have found problems in many facilities and outline the problems with the facility, allowed them to correct and then proceeded with the certification process.

Don’t miss the boat in protecting your facility, your facility reputation and the lives of your patients!

Facility Managers like the certification process because it provides them with proof tha the HVAC systems are properly engineered to provide a safe environment.

Risk Managers need the certification information for legal cases to prove the facility is performing properly and has been inspected by a third party.

Infection Control Managers (Preventionists) need the certification to make sure the rooms are properly calibrated and not compormised by migrating bacteria, improper humidity balance, fungi, high skin cell counts or even MRSA.

Surgical Managers need to know that the rooms they are scheduling for procedures are properly functioning.  The certificaiton process provides the evidence.

Contact us with the number of rooms and we will do the rest.


Bio-Hood Decontamination, Lab Hood Testing, Fume Hood Certification

Our technicians are specialists in cleaning and disinfecting bio-hoods. We have the experience you need and we provide the certification afterward to let others know the lab has been decontaminated.

Our technicians are specialists in cleaning and disinfecting laboratory hoods. In addition, we are often called on to disassemble hoods after they are decontaminated. We have the experience you need and we provide the decontamination stickers, so that others know the hoods were cleaned.

Fume hood certification is performed using a TSI VelociCheck© Air Velocity Meter. Each hood is tested at different sash heights and receives a certification sticker and certificate when it passes. Call to receive a price on having your hoods tested and certified.

Dust Migration

Dust Migration Monitoring has rapidly increased in demand due to hospital patient deaths and hospital acquired infections (HAI) from bacteria attached to dust that migrated from construction and maintenance work areas. The Joint Commission is now requiring stricter controls on construction enclosures near transplant patients and patients with immune-compromised conditions. Dust migration sampling and documentation is necessary to prove that construction areas are under negative pressure and construction dust is not migrating from the controlled area. We perform two (2) types of testing: continuous and spot testing.

Recently we completed a study in an Operating Room (OR) area where modifications were made to one OR with the adjacent ORs remaining in-use.  We monitored the air inside the adjacent OR suites to provide documentation that dust was not migrating from the renovation project into the active surgery suites.  This documentation can save a hospital large sums of money in the event of legal action from any of the active surgical suite patients over the duration of the renovation.

Another benefit is monitoring after a “fire”, sometimes the fine particles spread by smoke can be airborne and spread to places that might not appear to be effected by the fire.  Recently, we performed this service in a chemical company that experienced a fire and a doctor’s office that was next door to a restaruant fire.  For example, in the doctor’s office we found elevated levels of microscopic dust in the air.  Even though the office looked clean, people were still coughing and experiencing problems.  Our monitoring equipment is so sensitive that we quickly identified the problem and proper cleaning was soon performed.

indoor air quality

Acid Pit Cleaning & Replenishing

Acid pits need to be cleaned and replenished every couple of years so they can do the job they were designed to perform – neutralizing the acids before they leave the building. Call us to get a price on cleaning and replenishing your acid pit.  Wellington will pump out the pit and then install a new limestone layer.  We save the cost of disposal since we reload the pumped liquid back into the replenished pit to allow the limestone to perform the neutralization necessary prior to releasing back into the sanitary sewer system.

Swine Flu Disinfection

Are you prepared to have 25% of your staff missing including housekeeping, maintenance, and security? As First Responders, our technicians are trained on performing professional disinfecting of surfaces and keeping your facility safe. Make arrangements to be on our list in the event a Pandemic breaks.


Meningitis Disinfection

When faced with a Meningitis outbreak you do not have time to start researching and putting together the equipment and supplies needed to properly disinfect surfaces – you need to call us for fast action. We can also assist by providing guidance on isolation and disposal.

Formaldehyde Testing

Formaldehyde testing is normally requested to determine if adhesives used in carpeting, wood products, and furnishings are airborne and at what levels. HCHO exposure monitoring is sometimes requested from hospital labs, woodworking shops, and mortuaries.



Testing for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be performed using complex instruments that provide precise measurements or simple tests using Drager© or Sensydine© tubes.