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UV Technology for Disinfecting Surfaces


UV Technology for Disinfecting Surfaces

The risks associated with community acquired infections are enormous for both human health and medical costs.

V-PAD utilizes UV-C technology to rapidly and cost effectively deactivate viruses, mold and bacteria that could otherwise threaten people’s health. It is designed to be lightweight, portable and easy to store in a durable carrying case.

Destroys 99%+ of bacteria, viruses and mold
on target surfaces – in minutes (see chart)

• V-PAD assembles and disassembles easily –
perfect for transportation and deployment to
multiple sites

• Four Maximum Ouput UV lamps generate
600 watts of power

• Designed with infrared motion sensors to
protect personnel Wellington Environmental – V-PAD Classroom

Uses and Applications

Hospital Critical Rooms
Nursing Homes
Outpatient Surgery Centers
Patient and Waiting Rooms
Schools – Classrooms, Locker Rooms
Detention Centers
Food Preparation and Processing Areas
Veterinary Clinics and Kennels
Hotel Rooms


Target Dose Chart to Deactivate Germs


Key Design Features

• Four maximum output extended length UV-C lamps with combined output of 600 watts

• Digital timer/counter to set disinfection cycle times of up to 99 hours

• Four infrared motion sensors to automatically shut off device if someone enters the
room during the disinfection cycle

• Metal reflectors to protect lamp and better distribute UV energy

• Four wheels for ease of movement and stability, two wheels have a locking feature

• Tri-color LED indicates status of operation

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