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Mold Removal Process Can Save Up To 70%

Conventional removal of mold involved physically removing moldy drywall and other building materials. This meant costly replacement and displacement from the building. Sterile Lightning™ can save valuable time and money while providing a service that is safer and better than conventional remediation.

Sterile Lightning™ can offer the following benefits:

– 1/3 the time to complete the project
– Customer/Tenant out of their space for a shorter period of time
– Less waste generated
– Better air result after remediation

no odors

Our extensive research and experience working with reducing infections in hospitals has led us to a discovery on how to efficiently remove MOLD while also eradicating BACTERIA and VIRUSES. A chemical reaction to kill multi-drug resistant backteria, such as MRSA, Staph, C-Diff., and others, is also very effective in aggressively removing mold. We call the process Sterile Lightning™. This product is applied in a variety of methods depending on the surfaces and the environment where the mold is located.

Hospital Grade Bacteria Elimination – 99.97% Effective

Sterile Lightning™ can also be used to clean and powerfully disinfect viruses and bacteria from almost anything you can think of and make rooms safe for occupancy. Sterile Lightning™ is the perfect process to kill harmful and even drug resistant bacteria from:

– Classrooms
– Day Care Facilities
– Nursing Homes
– Hospital Patient Rooms
– Conference Rooms
– Boats
– Locker Rooms
– Sporting Equipment
– Automobiles
– In Homes and more….


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Sterile Lightning™ is an evidence-based remediation process whereby MOLD and harmful BACTERIA are eliminated from the application areas. This process is so effective that we guarantee it. The guarantee is transferable to other property owners and remains in effect for 5 years as long as the humidity in the affected area remains under 60% and the building materials in the area do not get wet.