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Fire Retardant Application

The application of Flame Retardant chemicals to meet various fire code requirements requires a trained work crew, product knowledge, and a facility capable of getting the job completed.

Whether it is for items placed in public areas of buildings, trade show accessories, or event staging and promotional materials, Wellington has the expertise and compliant products to get the job done while meeting important industry standards, including:

  • ASTM E-84
  • NFPA 701-705
  • CA Title 19
  • UL 723
  • Life Code 101

Next time you need fire-retardant application services, call Wellington Environmental for a quote. We’re ready to spray!

Spray Applied Fireproofing

Wellington Environmental has been a certified installer of spray-applied fireproofing for over a decade, installing the material for hospitals, manufacturers, and chemical companies located in the Midwest. Coming from an environmental background, we are committed to products that do not create indoor air quality problems and we understand the importance of proper clean-up afterwards. We even have special equipment that can be used inside a building (quiet and no hoses going up the side of your building with noisy compressors outside). Call us for a price, we are ready to spray!

Fire Stopping

Wellington Environmental uses state-of-the-art firestopping products that provide simple solutions to complex firestopping problems. We can provide the UL© drawings needed to support the products and application we install. The right solution means stopping the fire from passing through, and potentially saving lives. Contact us for cost efficient firestopping solutions.

The photo to the left shows new construction (we provide third party inspections) where the penetrations on the side wall are not firestopped and the floor penetration is not completed.  Don’t allow your project to be finished without knowing if the penetrations are properly firestopped.  It is not unusual for us to find 10-15% of the penetrations missed after a normal renovation project.


Fire Damper Inspection & Cleaning

Cleaning and inspecting fire dampers is required under the NFPA Code (90A 3-4.7) every four (4) years for all buildings however, the Joint Commission (JCAHO) has revised their requirments to every 6 years (JCAHO is for hosptial clients). Keep in mind that fire dampers are to be inspected one (1) year after installation.

What’s Normally Included:

– Fire dampers are located and marked on drawings
– Photos are taken before and after and included in the final certification document
– Operate all dampers (with fusible lilnks removed and reset) to verify closure
– Lubricate all moving parts
– Clean the damper of all dust and dirt (and HEPA vacuum)
– Perform the work in a manner consistent with Infection Control requirements

You will receive a bound book with the photos, the forms and certification to satisfy the JCAHO and NFPA requirements.

If you can provide us with the number of dampers or if we need to review an area of the building to provide a cost – we can do it.