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Allergen Testing

An allergy sampling plan is designed and performed based on the specific complaints or concerns. Allergy sampling can be as simple as mold sampling or as complex as specifically looking for allergens from cats, rats, mites, or other allergens.
We have performed investigative work for individuals with skin rashes, headaches, yeast infections, eye irritations, and more.  One particular customer was an energetic delivery person for a national courier that everyone would recognize.  (We know these guys are full of energy and always on-time).  This particular guy just could not get out of bed and had no energy.  The condition continued for an extended period of time.  Doctors prescribed anti-depressants along with other medications to get this guy back in his delivery truck.  Nothing worked and it was getting to be a serious financial risk as well.  He contacted us as a last resort to check a past roof leak and just wanted to know if there might be a connection.  There it was!  As Paul Harvey would say, “and now for the rest of the story” – this home was full of Stachybotrys (commonly called Black Mold by the media).  We tested the air and found a significant problem pointing to that specific mold.  Stachybotrys is a sticky mold and does not easily become airborne – in this case, it was everywhere.  The air sampling and the owner’s knowledge of the roof leak location helped us track the inner walls where the water was trapped and undetected.  Opening the walls lead to the discovery of a massive amount of the black mold.  Checking back with the owner a few months after we completed the remediation – he said he was back at work delivering those packages and his energy returned.  The remediation included removing the damaged drywall with the mold and the paneling that was hiding it from the owner.  We also cleaned the carpeting, the ductwork and a general disinfecting of the other surfaces in the house.  By the way, he is off the anti-depressants too.
Tell us your story; we would like to investigate…

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be as simple as identifying mold or a similar problem in a building or home.  However, often the problem can be more complex requiring a full investigation of the HVAC system, and the environment in the building including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, relative humidity, temperature.  Sometimes the issue is formaldehyde or other airborne chemicals.

We have investigated the following cases:

– Miscarriages by British Executive’s wife
– Malaise in a FedEx worker
– Skin Rash by a young housewife
– Candida for housewife
– Loss of Memory by a businessman
– Hydrocarbon odors associated with helicopter ambulance
– Asthma in children

mercury (hg)

Mercury Testing

Mercury spills require specialized training, equipment and experience. We have cleaned spills in residences and automobiles (from in-home home health care workers), hospitals, doctor’s offices, power plants, manufacturing facilities and schools. We have the experience to handle your next spill.

Soil Testing

Wellington Environmental can collect surface and subsurface soil samples for you with the right equipment for the job – direct push-probing, hand augering or conventional drilling.

sampling water for the process of Wastewater Monitoring in Missouri

Water Testing

Wellington Environmental can handle any water sampling need you have from drinking water and groundwater to storm water and waste water. Need temporary piezometers or permanent monitoring wells – we can provide that too.

Universal Waste Disposal & Recycling

Did you know that many commonly disposed items, such as fluorescent light bulbs, ballasts, batteries and thermostats, are actually hazardous wastes? Not sure how to dispose of them? We can help. Many of these items can be handled as Universal Waste with less hassle and at less cost to you


Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Disposal and Recycling

Every day, our engineering staff handles the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. We’ve even arranged for disposal of high hazardous wastes. No job is too large or too small. The relationships we have with a network of disposal and recycling facilities allows us to find the best option at the best price for your specific waste disposal needs.

Chemical Spills

Chemical spills never occur during normal hours – they happen at 6pm on Fridays or Sunday mornings. When it happens, you need someone that can respond and quickly stabilize the spill and prepare for the clean-up. We do just that – keep our phone number //handy// because you will be at home asleep when the call comes in.


Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

Regulated or non-regulated, steel or fiberglass, large or small, removal or in-place closure, Wellington Environmental can perform the UST closure that you need. We are licensed by the City of St. Louis Fire Department to remove USTs in the city, and have experience removing USTs in many municipalities in the St. Louis metro area, as well as out state Missouri.

Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST)

Wondering what that metal tank with legs is doing in the basement? It is probably an above ground storage tank (AST) used to store heating oil to fuel a boiler. No boiler present? It happens all the time. An electric or natural gas furnace replaces a fuel feed boiler, but it is too much of a hassle to remove the AST. Not for us. We can remove the tank (even if it needs to be cut up) – as well as any remaining oil.

old above ground tank

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESAs)

Wellington Environmental performs AAI compliant Phase I ESAs per ASTM E1527-05 titled /Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process. At Wellington Environmental, Phase I assessments are always performed by senior staff who are experienced AAI Environmental Professionals (EPs).

Our team conducts Environmental Assesments mainly throughout the Midwest.  Our client base includes; banks, developers, corporations, institutions, and indivual investors.  We have performed assessments in more than 10 states for corporate clients with multiple properties.

Phase II Investigations

Wellington Environmental can handle whatever Phase II sampling projects you have including surface and subsurface investigations of soil and groundwater.

Phase III Remediation

As a full service consulting and remediation firm, Wellington Environmental can provide remediation of numerous contaminants including petroleum products, volatile organic compounds, PCBs, and metals, in or on various substances including soil, groundwater, and porous and non-porous surfaces.

Noise Testing

Wellington Environmental can perform noise level testing and provide an easy to understand report along with recommendations.


Waste Water Monitoring

Wellington Environmental has been providing St. Louis area businesses with expert waste water monitoring services for over 16 years. If you have an industrial user permit from MSD, Wellington can provide turn-key monitoring services for you. Never miss a deadline again – let us watch the calendar for you.

Storm Water Monitoring

If you have a storm water permit that requires sample collection, Wellington can help customize a sampling plan for you. We will train your on-site personnel to properly collect storm water samples, as well as provide all the necessary sample containers and paperwork. All you have to do is call us when the samples are ready. We’ll pick them up, have them analyzed and produce the required report ready for your signature.


Drinking Water Sampling

Concerned about potential contaminants from the corrosion of plumbing affecting your drinking water? Does the color, taste or smell of your water seem not quite right? Wellington can sample your drinking water and compare the results to EPA’s National Primary Drinking Water Standards, for corrosion contaminants such as Lead, or Secondary Drinking Water Standards, for potential contaminants that affect the aesthetics of your water.

Radiation Testing for Granite Countertops

Recent concern over granite countertops emitting alpha, beta and gamma radiation waves in homes has caused a need for measuring the waves and determining if the countertops emit too much radiation. Our specialized equipment is used to instantly detect radiation levels emitted from surfaces.


Spill Control & Countermeasure Program

Does your facility Spill Plan need to be updated to incorporate campus changes? Our engineering staff has the expertise to design, write, edit and prepare your plan.

Customized Corporate Environmental Compliance Program

Have a special need or project? We can help with our researchers and writers. For instance, we prepared a customized program for a corporate headquarters campus that focused on all environmental issues – it included training programs, monitoring and documentation. It saved them big time headaches – can we prescribe one for you?


IAQ Testing

If the source of an odor is unknown, it can be very difficult to pinpoint the exact chemical of concern present solely using sorbent tubes. EPA Method TO-15 is a useful analytical method to identify many volital organic compounds and to determine their quantitative concentrations in the air. Sample collection for TO-15 uses a Summa™ canister to collect air samples.