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Welcome To The Future Of Surface Preparation And Cleaning

Dustless Blasting equipment employs a mixture of water, air, and abrasive to clean and remove surface contaminants and coatings, providing a clean surface with no clinging dust.

  • Less containment is required
  • Blast in open environments, even when others are working nearby
  • Less dust means more visibility, increasing worker safety
  • Prevent surface contaminants and coatings from becoming airborne and being inhaled
  • Compliant with OSHA standards

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What Can Dustless Blasting Do For You?

OSHA recommends using a wet abrasive delivery method – such as Dustless Blasting – as a primary means of protecting workers. Unlike conventional blasting, Dustless is faster, less expensive, and cleaner.

Whether your building needs a refresh, or your have tough grime, rust and dirt build-up, our seasoned team of professionals and technicians are ready to take on your toughest jobs.

No Job Is Too Tough

  • Remove graffiti, dirt and paint
  • Bring stained concrete and building surfaces back to life
  • Make wood look as good as when it was originally installed
  • Power coat removal on parts and equipment

You will agree that this is the perfect solution to tough jobs.