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Our Industrial Cleaning Services

Wellington Environmental provides quality commercial environmental cleaning services to create clean and safe work facilities. Our customers have different heavy-duty facility maintenance needs and requirements for cleaning process areas, equipment, and ductwork.

  • Paint Booths
  • Pharmaceutical Process Areas
  • Factories
  • Exhaust Duct Systems
  • Aerospace
  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Ovens

Asbestos Removal Services

Wellington Environmental is licensed in Missouri and Illinois to perform Asbestos related services. We specialize in documenting our service and disposing of the asbestos in landfills that are properly lined and licensed to prevent you from becoming part of an EPA Superfund Clean-up in the future. Are your current providers looking out for you in the long run – we are! LEARN MORE


Mold Testing & Remediation Services

Mold remediation services occur every day around here – our crews are constantly busy working on mold-related problems. With all the experience we have, why call anyone else – we can handle it.

There are many indications of a potential toxic black mold problem in your home or building. Often the first sign of a mold problem is the musty odor you smell when first entering a room, or when the heating or air conditioning system kicks on. You may also notice respiratory system symptoms such as a “stuffy nose”… or perhaps, watery eyes or headaches.


Attic Space Vermiculite

A realtor called, frantically asking about vermiculite in the attic area of a home she was selling. She worried that the buyers would back out because of their fear of asbestos. Vermiculite, an insulating material with an appearance similar to cat litter, can contain asbestos. Asbestos particles are known to cause serious health problems, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis and abnormalities in the lining of the lungs.

Wellington Environmental inspected the home’s attic and removed the vermiculite with a high energy, double-wall vacuum system. The unit sits outside the building, thus avoiding dragging bagfuls of potentially hazardous material through the home to reach exits. This system saves the customer money due to the high velocity speed at which the insulation can be removed from the home. LEARN MORE

vermiculite 1

Lead Testing & Remediation

We perform licensed lead work in Missouri and Illinois. We also designed a lead neutralization program for a church that saved them tens of thousands of dollars over conventional lead removal.

When lead paint is an issue, a risk assessment or sampling needs to be performed – call us and we will help you through the process.   Licensed in multiple states to perform remediation.

LEED© Sampling for Points

If your construction project or remodeling project is requiring LEED© points – we can help with specialized testing to determine the quality of the air in the new building or the remodeled areas. Sampling varies from site to site, but normally includes a laundry list of samples and data to be collected. Check with us – we can provide the testing to obtain these valuable points.


Thermograph Infrared Testing

Wellington Environmental offers Fluke© thermographic equipment to aid in locating water leaks, active moisture, energy loss, or electrical hot spots. We have saved contractors and maintenance departments thousands of dollars with just one scan of the equipment – it is quick, it is reasonable and we make you look like a champ!

Pigeon Clean Up & Disinfecting

Pigeons not only leave waste – they leave diseases. Our technicians clean and disinfect, as well as clean-up the carcasses of the pigeons, in all types of environments.  We realize this sounds like an odd thing to be proud of or list as a service – you would be surprised at the mess pigeons can create when they get into a building or an attic.  Contact us if you have a pigeon problem – we understand the mess and have the experience to properly clean it up.


Spill & HAZMAT Clean Up

Our HAZWOPER certified laborers can mobilize quickly to clean up a spill or to neutralize a hazardous situation. We work for chemical, pharmaceutical, and research facilities, as well as utilities, located in the Midwestern region.

Torit Cleaning and Filter Changing

Specialized cleaning of the interior of Torit equipment is recommended on an annual basis. Our technicians clean and decon the interior and then change the filters for chemical, pharmaceutical and specialized contractors in the Midwest.


Tragedy Clean Up

Unfortunately, violent crimes occur in corporate buildings, on university campuses and in commercial buildings. Wellington Environmental recently performed the bio-hazzard clean up and removal of bullet-damaged interior finishes at a manufacturing site where multiple employees were tragically shot.

Meth Testing

Wellington Environmental – experienced at testing for Meth and other related chemicals used in the manufacture of illegal drugs.


Air Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is an often overlooked item in buildings, and dirty ducts can lead to sickness and lost days costing the business millions of dollars each year. Our professional equipment and technicians clean ductwork in hospitals, homes, chemical facilities and universities.