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Controlling hazardous spills is a significant health and safety factor for industrial and manufacturing companies. Not doing this can lead to environmental damage and, in some cases, legal implications. That is why investing in a professional spill control & countermeasure program (SPCC) is essential. We understand that considering all the regulations and filing all the paperwork can be overwhelming, but Wellington Environmental in St. Louis is here to help.

We’re aware of your challenges and the need for proactive measures to address these concerns. We’ve been helping manufacturing companies over the years. You can count on us for prompt and efficient emergency spill response services.


A technician in a white protective suit covering their entire body, goggles, mask, and yellow gloves, squatting, opening a toolbox to address a delimited area where there has been a spill of toxic substances due to the fall of a barrel.

Unveiling the Perils Lurking Behind Industrial Spills

At Wellington Environmental, we’re committed to preventing and responding to spills. It is necessary to be aware of the potential risks associated with this and have the right plan in place so you can quickly respond if one occurs to help prevent the following:

  • Environmental Impact

Spills can lead to significant environmental damage, including contamination of water sources, soil degradation, and ecosystem harm.

  • Health & Safety Hazards

Spills introduce hazardous substances into the workplace, posing immediate risks to team members’ health and safety. 

  • Operational Disruption

Spills can disrupt operations, leading to production delays, equipment damage, and increased downtime. 

  • Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with environmental regulations and standards is vital for industrial and manufacturing companies. Failure to implement proper spill prevention can result in penalties and legal consequences.

Responsive Spill Control Services by Wellington Environmental

Our spill control services are designed to help your industrial or manufacturing company in St Louis, MO protect their operations from the risks associated with spills, therefore, our services include:

  • Spill Prevention Strategies

We offer guidance and customized spill prevention strategies tailored to your industrial or manufacturing operations. We analyze potential risks, identify vulnerable areas, and develop proactive measures to prevent spills before they occur.

  • Spill Response Planning

We work closely with your organization to develop clear protocols, establish communication channels, and outline step-by-step procedures for effective and efficient spill response.

  • Spill Containment Systems

Wellington Environmental provides top-of-the-line spill containment systems to prevent spills from spreading and causing further damage. We count on equipment that helps contain spills and mitigate their environmental impact.

  • Spill Cleanup And Remediation

In the unfortunate event of a spill, our professionals are equipped to handle the cleanup and remediation process swiftly and effectively. With industry-leading techniques and equipment, we ensure a thorough cleanup.

  • Staff Training Programs

We offer staff training programs to provide your employees with the knowledge and skills necessary for spill prevention, response, and containment.

  • Ongoing Maintenance & Monitoring Services

We understand that spill control is an ongoing process. We provide regular maintenance and monitoring services to ensure the integrity and functionality of spill prevention and containment systems.

Technicians dressed in full-body protective uniforms, including face masks for respiratory and eye protection, along with gloves, in an industrial facility, each carrying gallons of hazardous chemicals.

Get The Job Done In 3 Simple Steps

Our spill prevention and response services are easier to access than ever. You just have to:

    1. Fill out the online form on our contact page.
    2. We will reach out to you and discuss your needs. A dedicated consultant will be assigned to create a customized spill control program for your organization
    3. Once we’ve assessed the situation, we’ll get the job done for you. 

Spill Control & Countermeasure Program Services at Wellington Environmental St Louis, MO

Our expert team at Wellington Environmental is here to guide you every step of the way, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs. From comprehensive risk assessments to state-of-the-art spill containment systems, we’ve got you covered. 


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