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Are you worried about the toxic substances your industrial processes might be generating? If so, you’re not alone. Many business owners like you are seeking toxic substance testing services. All to stay compliant with environmental regulations and keep their workers safe.

At Wellington Environmental, we’ve got you covered. With our comprehensive industrial chemical testing and treatment services, we can help you create the safe environment you deserve at your property.


What Our Toxic Substance Testing & Treatment Services Cover

We understand that every business is unique, so we’ll collaborate with you to ensure the following industrial chemical testing and treatment solutions truly work for you.

Toxic Substance Testing

We find and measure harmful substances in your industrial operations, giving you a clear understanding of the situation. This can help you develop a plan full of environmental compliance solutions to benefit your business.

Chemical Analysis

Identifying and quantifying specific chemicals present in your facility.

Environmental Sampling

Collecting samples from air, water, soil, and surfaces to assess contamination levels.

Microbiological Testing

Analyzing microbial content to detect harmful bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens.

Toxicity Assessment

Evaluating the toxicity of substances found through various testing methods.

Source Identification

Determining the origin and source of hazardous substances to implement targeted remediation strategies.

Regulatory Compliance Testing

Ensuring adherence to environmental regulations and standards through comprehensive testing protocols.

Risk Assessment

Assessing the potential risks posed by toxic substances to human health and the environment.

Toxic Substance Analysis

Once we identify the issue, we dive into studying your chemical processes to pinpoint the source of contamination. Said analysis empowers you to make informed decisions regarding future treatment options.

Toxic Substance Monitoring

If you are worried about keeping your business compliant with environmental regulations, our toxic substance monitoring service is here to put you at ease. Through regular checkups and analyses, we will let you know if your industrial processes stay clean and safe.

Toxic Substance Treatment Options

If toxic substances are found, we’ll work with you to determine your business’s best course of action. Whether it’s through chemical neutralization, filtration, or other methods, you will never feel alone during this process. 

Chemical Neutralization

Utilizing chemical agents to neutralize or render harmful substances inert, reducing their toxicity.


Employing filtration systems to remove contaminants from air, water, or other mediums, effectively purifying the environment.


Harnessing natural processes or microorganisms to degrade or eliminate toxic substances, promoting environmental restoration.

Physical Separation

Employing physical methods such as sedimentation, centrifugation, or evaporation to separate contaminants from the environment.

Waste Management

Implementing proper disposal methods for hazardous materials to ensure regulatory compliance and prevent environmental contamination.

Your 3-Step Plan for Safety

  1. To get started, complete our online form with details about your required service. 
  2. Then, we’ll visit your business to assess your current toxic substance situation. 
  3. Finally, based on our findings, we’ll implement effective environmental compliance solutions to protect your workers and your property. 
Close-up of a droplet coming out of a pipette to be placed inside a test tube.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Business Safe

Struggling to keep a healthy environment for your workers due to toxic substances will be a thing of the past when working with Wellington Environmental. Our tailored industrial chemical testing and treatment services ensure the protection of your business, employees, and environment. 

Get in touch with us today and become the thrilled owner of a safe and secure property in no time at all. 


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