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When you own or manage a property with an underground storage tank, you must be aware of its removal regulations. In St Louis, environmental regulations require businesses to remove these tanks when they are no longer in use. If not managed properly, this can put your property at risk of contamination. This can make you feel uncertain, but our team can help you with the underground storage tank removal process.

At Wellington Environmental, we provide comprehensive tank removal services that meet all environmental regulatory requirements. Our tank removal contractors will adequately decommission your existing tanks in compliance with local laws.


Underground Storage Tank

Underground storage tank decommissioning is a complex property that can’t be carried out by property owners and managers. Our professional team has the experience to ensure your underground storage tank removal gets completed successfully and safely. So check out what our underground storage tank removal services include:

  • Tank Excavation

We count on the right equipment to remove the tank in a way that minimizes disruption on your property and helps you save time and money.

  • Proper Disposal Of Tank Contents

Improper disposal of an underground storage tank’s contents can lead to environmental damage and fines. We are experienced in proper disposal techniques that adhere to local regulations.

  • Tank Cleaning

After the tank excavation, we will clean it before removing it from the site. This process helps remove all hazardous materials and contaminants from the tank.

  • Site Remediation

We will test soil for contamination, remove hazardous materials, and ensure all regulations are met to provide safe conditions for future customers.

  • Soil Testing

An important part of the underground storage tank removal process is determining what contaminants are in the soil. We can take samples and send them for testing to ensure your property is free from potential hazards.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Underground storage tanks must be properly decommissioned to avoid potential contamination of the soil or nearby water sources. We have experience in these processes and will ensure that all regulatory requirements are met before removing it from your property.

underground storage tank removal in saint louis mo

Underground Storage Tank Removal Services in 3 Steps

At Wellington Environmental, we make underground storage tank removal easy and stress-free. Our team will guide you through every step of the process, from excavation to disposal. Here are our three simple steps:

Step 1:  Fill out the form on our contact page so that we can contact local authorities in St. Louis to obtain the necessary permits for tank removal.

Step 2: Book an appointment with our tank removal contractors so that they can  excavate and remove the tank from your property. 

Step 3: Have our team get the job done for you.

Work With Our Team for a Smooth Underground Storage Tank Removal Process!

Are you tired of that old, unused storage tank taking up valuable real estate on your property? Don’t let it be a constant reminder of wasted space and potential hazards. Take charge of your surroundings and unlock the full potential of your property with our top-notch storage tank removal services.


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