Bats in Belfry Requires Unique Solution from Wellington Environmental

Sounding more like a Halloween story or part of a vampire movie script, a general contractor needed help on a unique project.

They were called to repair a massive early century church bell tower steeple but there was one problem staring them in the face. The tower’s interior had been taken over by bats!

The bats were scaring off anyone that attempted to climb the old wobbly steps and make-shift wood ladders to the upper areas of the steeple where repairs were needed.

Since Wellington Environmental is often called upon for pigeon related debris and even special zoological droppings situations, creating the solution for this bat infested bell tower was a call we accepted.

After evaluating the interior steeple situation, we developed a plan that met the goals of the general contractor, the church, and our own safety standards. Since the bell tower had limited access and narrow ladders and steps, getting equipment and supplies to the upper areas was next to impossible.

Besides all the necessary cleaning and isolation of areas to prevent additional bat infestation, we wanted to make sure the huge church bells would not ring while performing our work. The sound would be deafening not to mention startling for workers on barely stable platforms or ladders.

Luckily, all went as planned and other contractors don’t have to face bats flying at them while performing the necessary repairs to this beautiful bell tower steeple.

Click here to see our unique solution in photos!