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Humidity, dirt, and grime are some of the factors that can contribute to a dirty and unsafe environment. Dealing with such issues is not only stressful but also time-consuming, especially when it comes to industrial spaces. Fortunately, Wellington Environmental offers reliable industrial cleaning, mold removal, and dustless blasting services in Caseyville

We understand that cleaning is crucial to maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Our company was founded 30+ years ago with the vision of offering a diverse team of industrial cleaners, including scientists, chemists, and engineers, to provide specialized expert services for you. Whether you need Caseyville industrial cleaning or mold removal services, we’re here!



Tailored Cleaning Services For Any Space

Industrial Cleaning Services 

Our Caseyville industrial cleaning services are specifically tailored to meet the demands of businesses in Caseyville. Whether you need regular maintenance for your factory floors or specialized cleaning for manufacturing equipment, our expert team has the knowledge and experience to handle it all. 

Our services include:

    1. Thoroughly clean paint booths to optimize performance and ensure safety.
    2. Pharmaceutical cleaning services that adhere to strict cleanliness standards.
    3. Maintain clean factories and eliminate dust to create efficient working environments.
    4. Clean exhaust duct systems to promote ventilation and prevent blockages.
    5. Offer aerospace industry facility cleaning services that comply with regulations.

Immediate Mold Remediation

Mold can be a serious problem that not only affects the appearance of your property but also poses health risks. In Caseyville’s climate, mold growth can be particularly common. That’s why immediate action is crucial. 

Our mold removal in Caseyville is designed to identify, remove, and prevent the recurrence of mold issues. We understand the urgency and importance of addressing mold problems promptly, ensuring a healthy and safe environment for your employees and residents.

Effective Dustless Blasting

Regarding surface restoration, our dustless blasting services are the ideal solution. Whether you need to remove paint, rust, or graffiti from various surfaces, our dustless blasting services in Caseyville and advanced technology allow us to efficiently and effectively restore them. 

Some benefits of Dustless Blasting include:

  • Fast and efficient surface preparation and restoration.
  • Environmentally friendly, with minimal airborne particles.
  • Suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including metal, concrete, and wood.

Get Professional Cleaning Services With Wellington Environmental!

Avoid the stress of dealing with an unsafe environment. At Wellington Environmental, we’re committed to delivering fast, efficient, and reasonably priced services for commercial and residential clients throughout the Midwest. With our team of experts and years of experience, you can trust us to handle all your industrial cleaning, mold remediation, and dustless blasting needs.

Get our mold removal in Caseyville. Here’s a simple 3-step plan to get started:

    1. Contact our skilled cleaners by phone, email, or website form.
    2. Schedule an appointment with our experts to discuss and assess your cleaning needs.
    3. Relax, and let us take care of all your cleaning requirements meticulously!


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