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Clean, safe, and efficient – it’s what every manager or owner wants their Fairmont City industrial space to be. But achieving this isn’t simple. It demands specialized services to ensure your facility is neat, secure, and conducive for work. At Wellington Environmental, we understand the weight of this responsibility.

We’re here to help with professional industrial cleaning, mold remediation, and dustless blasting services in Fairmont City, IL. We count on certified inspectors, licensed remediators, chemists, scientists, and engineers to ensure our efficiency in every task. Trust us to provide solutions tailored to your needs.



Industrial Cleaning: Beyond the Basics

Wellington Environmental offers thorough and efficient Fairmont City industrial cleaning solutions. These services are specifically designed for local businesses, and include:

    • Asbestos Removal Services
    • Attic Space Vermiculite
    • Lead Testing & Remediation
    • LEED© Sampling for Points
    • Thermograph Infrared Testing
    • Pigeon Clean Up & Disinfecting
    • Spill & HAZMAT Clean Up
    • Torit Cleaning and Filter Changing
    • Tragedy Clean Up
    • Meth Testing

Mold Remediation: Quick & Effective Solutions

When it comes to mold, quick action is crucial. Our mold removal services in Fairmont City, IL, are designed to identify and eliminate different types of mold efficiently, guaranteeing your facility’s safe and clean environment.

We use advanced techniques and tools to ensure the job is done right the first time. Our services are also swift and efficient, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Dustless Blasting: The Time-Saving Solution

Dustless blasting is a revolutionary, environmentally friendly method that allows us to clean various surfaces quickly and effectively, saving you valuable time. We can tackle everything from graffiti and paint removal to rust and corrosion.

Our team can handle any project size using top-of-the-line equipment. This service helps prolong the lifespan and enhance the performance of your surfaces.

How to Keep a Pristine, Mold-Free Facility

Ready to transform your facility into a beacon of cleanliness and safety? Here’s how to get started with Wellington Environmental:

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Give us a call or fill out our contact form

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Book an appointment for our experts to assess your needs

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Allowing us to handle all your cleaning needs with precision and efficiency

Embrace the Cleanliness Revolution with Us

Don’t let improper cleaning and maintenance compromise your facility’s safety and productivity. With Wellington Environmental, you can access top-notch industrial cleaning and mold remediation services in Fairmont City, IL.

You can trust our team to transform your facility into a clean, safe, and efficient space. Connect with us today!