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Running a business in Swansea, IL, is challenging enough without the added stress of maintaining a clean, safe environment. Reclaiming your space can feel like an uphill battle when grime builds up, or mold creeps in. At Wellington Environmental, we understand your struggles.

With over 30 years of experience, we’re here to help you with premium industrial cleaning, mold removal, and dustless blasting services in Swansea, IL. More than keeping it visually clean, you and your team deserve a healthy, productive workspace. Ready to upgrade your business premises? Let’s get started.



The Silver Bullet for Industrial Cleaning

Professional industrial cleaning is not a luxury but a necessity for businesses. Our team goes beyond basic cleaning, addressing deep-seated dirt, grime, and potential hazards that may affect your business operations. Among the specialized Swansea industrial cleaning solutions we offer for businesses are:

    • Asbestos Removal Services
    • Attic Space Vermiculite
    • Lead Testing & Remediation
    • LEED© Sampling for Points
    • Thermograph Infrared Testing
    • Pigeon Clean Up & Disinfecting
    • Spill & HAZMAT Clean Up
    • Torit Cleaning and Filter Changing
    • Tragedy Clean Up
    • Meth Testing

Combating Mold with Precision & Care

Mold can be a silent destroyer, eating away at your premises and potentially causing health risks. At Wellington Environmental, we focus on comprehensive mold removal in Swansea, ensuring we address every spore.

Our team begins with rigorous testing to identify the presence and extent of mold. Once identified, we use industry-leading techniques and equipment for mold remediation. We remove mold and take steps to prevent future occurrences, giving you peace of mind and a healthier environment.

Dustless Blasting: A Breath of Fresh Air

Our dustless blasting services in Swansea, IL, offer a premium solution for surface restoration. This is a quick, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to clean or prepare surfaces. Whether you’re dealing with graffiti, stubborn stains, or rust, we can restore your surfaces to their original state.

Our dustless blasting technique employs water to suppress dust, allowing for a cleaner and safer process. This means less cleanup, minimal disruption to your business, and a sparkling clean surface ready for whatever you have planned next.

How to Secure a Cleaner, Safer Business

Starting with our industrial cleaning, dustless blasting, or mold removal services in Swansea, IL, is easy. Here’s how it works:

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Give us a call or fill out our contact form to get in touch.

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Schedule an appointment with our experts to assess your needs.

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Allow our team to handle all your cleaning with precision and efficiency while you focus on running your business!

Seize the Advantage of Professional Cleaning with Us

Don’t let stubborn grime, hidden mold, or worn-out surfaces slow your business operations. These issues can create unnecessary stress, disrupt productivity, and even pose health risks. But with Wellington Environmental, you can sidestep these problems.

Rely on our Swansea industrial cleaning, mold remediation, and dustless blasting services to turn your business premises into a clean, safe, and productive environment. Ready for a transformation?