Understanding your medical facility environment

A recent article on Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare’s website announces that mold was found in a New York hospital’s maternity unit and is to blame for 53 employees falling ill in recent months.

Nurses and other workers in the maternity unit have reported illnesses such as headaches, dizziness, and swollen throats after air monitoring devices found the presence of mold and trace amounts of anesthetic gases. Hospital officials say no patients have had symptoms.

This is a great example of why facility managers need to understand the environment in their medical building.

When we were working at a medical facility, one surgeon complained that his surgical site infection (SSI) rate was elevated because of the engineering department. The engineering department pointed to the environmental service staff, who accused the sterile processing department’s wrappings. Then, we found out the surgeon was swimming every morning and due to the chlorine over-drying his skin, he was shedding skin squames into open incisions during his surgeries.

An unsterile environment can lead to a variety of complications. We recognize the multitude of issues that can arise and can help you address your medical facility’s environmental needs.